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The installment loan direct lender with Manageable payments is and remains the most popular form of credit among German citizens when it comes to making a loan with the help of a loan. With an installment loan direct lender, you may Borrow short-term but pay in large sums.

This is the result of the market research institute on behalf of a major German loan portal. Between 15 June and 3 July 2016, 1,013 German borrowers were surveyed. After all, 23 percent of the surveyed borrowers used an installment loan offer from a traditional branch bank or direct bank on the Internet. On the other hand, 12 percent of Germans used the credit line when they needed credit. On the other hand, 12 percent also used loan offers to invest in real estate, with these 12 percent dividing as follows: real estate loans at 6 percent and mortgage lending at 6 percent. What is interesting about the result of the study, above all, is that some of the borrowers who opted for an installment loan took out installment loans several times over the period in question, some 20 percent. The current low-interest-rate phase for loans, therefore, seems to promote credit-financed consumption significantly. So again the question arises, what the Germans finance the most with the help of a classic installment loan?

Caron credit remains funding number 1

Is it any wonder that measured by the sentence “The car is the German favorite child” just that car, whether it is needed or new, then like to be financed by installment loan? A clear 41 percent share here gives a clear and above all clear answer. The car loan then followed mainly financing for durable goods such. As computer, television, washing machine (36 percent) and expenses for your own home such. For relocation, furniture or renovation (16 percent). The 4th place proves the rescheduling (10 percent). Other uses of an installment loan are the compensation of the disposition credit with 9 percent share, the financing of training and further education with 4 percent) as well as festivities, travel and commercial uses with 1 percent each.

Who uses the installment loan most often?

Also on the question as to the typical borrower for an installment loan actually “looks”, the current survey provides a clear result. The typical installment borrower in Germany is 48 years old, married and has an average net household income of around 2,950 euros. This disposable income is usually made up of the joint income of the spouse or partner. In general, installment loans are more frequently taken by men than by women. Here, the ratio of receiving a household credit between the sexes is 53 percent to 47 percent. Men also use significantly higher sums for installment loans. While men borrow an average of 10,567 euros as a loan, women here are significantly lower with a total loan amount of 7,964 euros. In Germany-wide installment loans of 9,330 euros are taken with a term of 35 months.